Festival du Bois is an annual French-Canadian festival with its roots in Maillardville, a French-Canadian enclave in Coquitlam, BC, Canada that was established in the early 1900s. The video features some scenes from the festival as well as a clip of a performance by the Montreal-based band Les Gitans de Sarajevo (The Gypsies of Sarajevo). They cook: if they come to your town, go see them. Their website is here.

A note: the video is the second in a series that I’ve created as a way of exploring video both as technology and for storytelling. The video and embedded photos were shot with a small Canon digital still camera, which has video capabilities. The camera work is a little jerky. The Flash-format video is just over 10MB. Press the green arrow in the middle of the controls to start it playing (the titles take a few seconds to go by; be patient). Comments, as always, are welcome.