Yes, it does more than rain in Vancouver, which offers the perfect excuse for a little more video experimentation, starting with a walk through the neighbourhood and ending with a session with the snow shovel. Included is the local oddity of umbrellas in the snow.

I’m getting better at this: this video seems much tighter than previous efforts (see video links in left-hand sidebar), although I’m sure I could cut more frames here or there. Adding a music track presented a few challenges, but any coordination between the music and the action is strictly coincidental. As for the titles, I’m still trying to get my head around QuickTime Pro’s text track and text tags, particularly when it comes to controlling the placement of the text in the frame.

(Note: The 4.2MB video file is being served out of my .mac account. It might be a good idea to let it download about halfway before hitting play.)

Critiques welcome, as always.