This is a very rough cut of a piece I’m working on. It still needs to be trimmed, there’s no voice-over and I haven’t worked in some footage from an on-the-scene interview. And the audio needs work.

So why am I putting this up?

Part of the reason is that this is news (at least in my neighbourhood) and some record should go up relatively quickly, no matter how rough.

I’m also doing this as an experiment. Over the next couple of days, as my schedule permits, I’ll post further refinements. The end result will be a series of videos that will trace the development of the piece.

So far, it’s gone from a collection of more than 20 individual clips to a rough outline of the narrative I have in mind. We’ll see where it goes from here.

As is the case with all of the videos I’ve done so far, this is minimalist video: shot with a Canon SD200 digital camera and a Pure Digital point-and-shoot video camera, cut and pasted in QuickTime, converted to Flash video with Squeeze.

And if you want to help craft the final piece, feel free to leave comments and suggestions.