Mark on February 19th, 2010

This one’s for my students. You get better by doing, which means always practicing. It’s not about the assignments and the grades; it’s about going out and pushing. Challenge yourself. Take your camera out today and shoot as though cropping had never been invented. Make every pixel in every image count. Take a walk through […]

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Mark on December 22nd, 2009

Two more from the iPhone, with assists to CameraBag (Helga setting) and Photoshop (sharpening).

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Mark on November 21st, 2009

Years ago, when I was a reporter who also did a lot of my own photography, I put aside the camera bag of Olympus bodies and lenses, and spent a week using only a Voigtländer Vito B, with a fixed f3.5 50mm lens, and a handheld light meter. The camera was so primitive, focus wasn’t […]

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Mark on November 14th, 2009

The clouds lift and give us the word that winter is on its way to Vancouver. Shot from 41st and Cambie, Friday afternoon.

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Mark on July 14th, 2009

After too many days of feeling uninspired (and even a little lazy), I tweeted this this morning: I need a kick in the brainpan: somebody tweet me a word, I’ll go out & try to photograph it; share the results later. Deal? In response, I got 11 very fine words: infamy, gullible, precipice, spent, duality, […]

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Mark on December 3rd, 2008

The sun popped out this afternoon, giving me another chance to test (and get used to) the Canon G10. All were shot at ISO 80 as highest-quality JPEGs (c’mon Apple, release a RAW decoder for the G10). They were exported as JPEGs at a quality setting of six. (Sorry, all you snow-bound folks: our tree […]

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Mark on November 30th, 2008

Two more shots from the G10 today, testing the camera’s macro ability and the spot-metering. Both were shot at 200 ISO. I spotted these little lovelies about a block from my place. I didn’t measure how close I got, but basically, I was right on top of them when I shot in the G-10’s macro […]

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Mark on November 28th, 2008

A few more shots from the Canon G10 as I continue to test its rich set of features and what it all means for how I shoot. All of these were shot in P mode. Final output is through Photoshop’s “save for web & devices” at “high” setting. Specific notes on the images after each […]

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Mark on November 14th, 2008

I took a walk with my new Canon G10 this morning and came back with images from Vancouver’s Mountainview cemetery. The purpose was to both test and get used to the camera. Everything was shot on programmed automatic, at the largest, finest JPEG setting. The shot above was opened in Photoshop, resized and saved as […]

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Mark on November 9th, 2008

I am absolutely astonished that I can take photos like this with a point-and-shoot, handheld, at 11 o’clock at night. The only illumination was a spill of light from an open door just outside the picture on the left, and a streetlight, which is reflected in the door. The image is of St. Sava’s, a […]

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