Mark on December 15th, 2008

We have two sorts of squirrels in Vancouver, grey and black. I’ve seen plenty of both, but this is the first time I’ve seen them so close together. I don’t now if it’s because the pickings are getting slim, but it was a nice gift from nature. (Images are cropped from full-size JPEGs, shot with […]

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Mark on December 14th, 2008

The view from our back deck, shot with the 300mm lens on the Canon SX100. If they added RAW capabilities to this camera, it would be a monster. A raw sight in Vancouver: icicles hanging from the licence plate of a neighbour’s car. Also shot with the Canon SX100. The blossoms have tightened up a […]

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Mark on December 14th, 2008

Yes, it does snow in Vancouver.

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Mark on November 30th, 2008

Two more shots from the G10 today, testing the camera’s macro ability and the spot-metering. Both were shot at 200 ISO. I spotted these little lovelies about a block from my place. I didn’t measure how close I got, but basically, I was right on top of them when I shot in the G-10’s macro […]

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Mark on November 28th, 2008

A few more shots from the Canon G10 as I continue to test its rich set of features and what it all means for how I shoot. All of these were shot in P mode. Final output is through Photoshop’s “save for web & devices” at “high” setting. Specific notes on the images after each […]

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Mark on November 21st, 2008

….which was clean at the start of semester.

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Mark on November 16th, 2008

The leaves needed raking, and I wanted to test to video capabilities of my new Canon G10 so: Note: This is an FLV, encoded by The original video is at Blip, where you have the option of looking at the original MOV file. (The G10 saves video as 640×480 H.264 MOV files.) To see […]

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Mark on November 14th, 2008

I took a walk with my new Canon G10 this morning and came back with images from Vancouver’s Mountainview cemetery. The purpose was to both test and get used to the camera. Everything was shot on programmed automatic, at the largest, finest JPEG setting. The shot above was opened in Photoshop, resized and saved as […]

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Mark on November 13th, 2008

My birthday is coming up, so what better time to buy myself a present? Something like a shiny new Canon G10. The shots above and below are from the first test “roll” (sorry: what should we be calling it now?). The one of the hallway outside my college office was shot at 1/20 of a […]

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Mark on October 26th, 2008

A little something I put together this evening. Photos were originally in colour but were converted in Photoshop CS3 using the new-to-me Black & White filter. Audio quality isn’t great: it was ripped from a video shot with my point-and-shoot, and massaged a little in Amadeus Pro. I originally wanted to run this larger (600 […]

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