Mark on March 3rd, 2004

Kevin Drum at Calpundit has a pointer to and comments on the way major news media handle the print and on-line sides of their operations. Worth a read, to see how the Internet is currently being used to supplement dead-tree operations.

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Mark on March 2nd, 2004

Since late last night, and all through today, they’ve had a portrait of Toni Onley as the main image on their Web site. The only information with the photo is a caption stating that it is a recent portrait and mentioning that Onley won the Order of Canada. There’s nothing else — no headline, no story, nothing — that indicates that Onley was killed in a plane crash

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Mark on March 1st, 2004 — Canwest’s grab bag of Web services — still doesn’t get the Internet. That was fairly obvious in their very weak web sites for the local newspapers, the Sun and the Province. Until recently, you couldn’t even directly access their sites; you had to go through the Canwest-Global site

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Mark on February 25th, 2004

Fascinating interview with Charles Lewis in Online Journalism Review, on another way of doing journalism. Lewis left a successful TV journalism career to found the Center for Public Integrity, where he and a team of people do award-winning investigative reporting. It’s a unique forum for doing journalism, but it shows there are possibilities beyond the […]

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