Mark on August 17th, 2011

Most of what follows is pretty close to conventional wisdom, at least among the folks I talk to and read. I don’t have any particular claim to expertise: this is the result of closely following a decade or more worth of news about the news, thinking as deeply as I can, and absorbing what I […]

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Mark on November 19th, 2009

My reaction to a spate of recent conferences on the future of media may have been a little uncharitable, a brusque thought aimed at media and newspapers in particular: Get over it and get on with it. As I said, uncharitable. Because these are tough times to be in the newsroom, with those vacant desks […]

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Mark on March 12th, 2009

A few things we all really need to keep in mind. • The death of several newspapers does not equal the death of all newspapers. • Economies go in cycles, up and down. When they go down, newspapers suffer along with everyone else. • The crisis for big newspaper chains is much more related to […]

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Mark on January 8th, 2009

Expanding on yesterday evening’s post. I need to be clear that I am not arguing or expecting that newspapers instantly change. Right now, effort has to go into maintaining newspapers. The mass-media, value-for-everybody model — even if it is dying — needs to continue. Print still carries the water and newspapers need to be broadly-based […]

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Mark on December 12th, 2008

Some current thoughts about newspapering, subject to revision, argument, snorts of derision, etc. What’s happening now is essentially the winding-down of the print edition. No one known how long this phase is going to last — whether it’s two years, five, 10 or more (unlikely) — either on an individual title or industry-wide basis. During […]

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Mark on November 17th, 2008

Every reporter picks and chooses to build a narrative from an event, but the difference between these two reports on Rupert Murdoch’s recent lecture on the future of newspapers — Murdoch upbeat about future of newspapers in the Globe & Mail and Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole at CNET News — […]

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Mark on August 6th, 2008

I listened to a semi-interesting local radio interview this morning — Is the newspaper a dying medium? — on CKNW, featuring guest Jonathan Kay of the National Post. (The half-hour piece was based on Kay’s column, You’ll miss us when we’re gone.) Kay’s piece is a good one, and well worth reading right to his […]

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