Mark on June 13th, 2008

This may seem a minor point, but…. The NY Times blog The Lede is currently featuring an amazing photo of a funnel cloud that touched down briefly in Orchard, Iowa, snapped by Lori Mehmen, a resident of that farming community. The Lede post gives her full credit. But the caption simply reads, “The view from […]

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Mark on April 4th, 2004

The consuming debate in journalism this week has been how the photos of the four Americans killed in Fallujah were handled by newspapers. Anyone who spent any time hitting Internet web sites last week knows there were any number of very graphic photos of the horrifying events that took place after the four were killed in a grenade attack.

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Mark on March 29th, 2004

An article in the London Free Press spells out the stand the courts are taking when it comes to defamation and the web

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Mark on March 25th, 2004

“Is the only way to become a big time reporter these days to make stuff up?”

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Mark on March 23rd, 2004

Tom Mangan, a copy editor at the San Jose Mercury News, has some thoughts on the raft of fabrication scandals at his blog, Prints the Chaff.

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Mark on March 22nd, 2004

In November 2003, an Irish blogger named Gavin posted a short item on John Gray, author of the Men Mars/Women Venus thing, and calling into question Gray’s claims to a PhD, or in fact to anything more than a high school diploma, at least from a reputable institution. In the eyes of Gray’s lawyers, Gavin went too far when he labelled Gray a “fraud,” and this month they demanded an apology and threatened legal action.

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Mark on March 22nd, 2004

The end of Angele Yanor’s column was a fairly minor blip on the media ethics radar. She was a columnist, after all, and her mandate was to entertain and even titillate, not necessarily to inform

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Mark on March 18th, 2004

Accusations of plagiarism have claimed another newspaper writer, although former Vancouver Sun columnist Angele Yanor claims she quit writing her popular sex/dating/lifestyle column because she got married

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Mark on March 16th, 2004

A new wrinkle in the debate over manipulation of photos: removing content that may offend readers.

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Mark on March 16th, 2004

In the U.S., the federal government has sent a video “news release” to TV stations praising President George W. Bush’s Medicare program. It includes actors posing as journalists

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