2011 has been a year for photography. I’ve been taking a photo a day (well, almost every day; I skipped a couple here and there), and posting the results at my Tumblr blog. It’s been interesting, fun and challenging, and I’ve learned a bunch along the way. More on that later.

Now it’s almost 2012 and time for a new challenge. I’d like to get back to storytelling and make it my year for journalism.

Among the projects I’d like to tackle in 2012:

  • A long-form audio piece, something I’ve wanted to do since the early ’80s and never had the chance to.
  • A longish (5-8 minute) video doc. Up until now I’ve played with video; it’s time to do something serious.
  • At least one piece of long-form narrative journalism.
  • A serious photo-essay, possibly self-published as an iPad “book.”

All of this will take work and energy and, as I repeatedly tell my students, journalism is a young person’s game. I’m out, in part, to prove myself wrong.

Posting this is a way of handing myself a to-do note. Putting out in public may produce the occasional so-how’s-it-going comment during the year to further goad me along.