Every once in a while, I have the urge to consolidate the scattered pieces of the online me. And every time I try to bring those pieces in, the web keeps dragging me back out again.

The last time I redid this blog, the intent was to consolidate: continue the journalism-related blogging, pull in my Twitter feed, publish photos here… It worked fine for a while, at least until the blogging became sporadic (more on that in another post).

And, meanwhile, the web kept spinning out new socially-driven places to park bits and pieces of me. Without taking into account those services I’ve signed up for and since abandoned (hello, MySpace), my i-addresses include Flickr, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Publish2 and a couple of Yahoo newsgroups.

Over the weekend I added Quora and Tumblr to the mix, Quora because is looks interesting and Tumblr as the platform for my take-a-photo-a-day-in-2011 project.

Being here, there and everywhere, indeed.

I’ll admit to being a follower, jumping in (usually later rather than early) on the newest hot thing. It’s my nature, and part of the nature of the web.

What keeps me out there is the value that I find: each of the services that I stick with adds something. Which is all for the good, but it means, I suspect, that scattered me, online is my norm and any thought I have of consolidation is pretty much a pipe dream.

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