Commuter waits for SkyTrain

Waiting in the sunshine for a Canada Line train. iPhone photo, massaged with CameraBag.

This one’s for my students.

You get better by doing, which means always practicing. It’s not about the assignments and the grades; it’s about going out and pushing.

Challenge yourself.

Take your camera out today and shoot as though cropping had never been invented. Make every pixel in every image count.

Take a walk through the neighbourhood of our choice and find a story. Research it. Write it or photograph it or video it.

Head downtown into the Olympic madness, pick a storyline and flipbook it.

Whatever. Challenge yourself: “Today, I want to learn how to….”

And, regardless of how it turns out, publish it, promote it and ask for feedback. Examine, critically, what you’ve done.

Learn from it.

Then go do it again.

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