The blog has been resurrected after the hacker attack.

Things are still a bit of a mess around here — category menus don’t work, for instance — but the content has almost all been restored. That’s only because I use a WP plug-in that backs up my database once a week and emails me the result. Without that, six years og blog posts would have disappeared.

As part of the site re-do, I’ve gone with strong passwords for every bit of it. I won’t be changing permissions for any files on the server unless I absolutely have to. I’ve gone to the latest WP software (which I wasn’t able to do earlier because my host didn’t have the right version of PHP), and made sure all plugins have been updated.

And I’ll be spending some time with the results of a Google search for WP security to see what else I can do to make this as watertight as possible. Hackers, I suspect, are much like sneak thieves: I may never have total protection, but if I make it hard enough to get in here, they’ll move onto to a website that’s easier to attack.

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