One of the latest boondoggles related to the Vancouver Winter Olympic was Vanoc’s treatment of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Basically, the VSO refused to play for the 2010 opening ceremonies after it was asked to record its performance, have only some of its members actually on stage (augmented by other musicians) and with a different conductor miming maestro Bramwell Tovey’s actual performance.

The basic story was fairly well covered by the Vancouver Sun (VSO refuses invitation to record music for 2010 opening ceremonies and Vanoc apologizes to symphony over mime scandal.)

But there’s a fairly large hole in the story — why was Vanoc planning to substitute the actual conductor with someone miming his movements? We have only this, at least in the Sun’s coverage: “Contacted for comment, Vanoc media-relations spokeswoman Janet Miller said the news release would ‘have to stand on its own.'”

That’s pretty bland. If she refused comment, why not say so? If the question was asked and not answered, why not say so? Or why not ask Bramwell Tovey what reason he was given?

Why not ask why and report the results? That’s just good journalism.

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