Update: At the suggestion of Anthony Floyd (via Twitter, of course), I’ve added another column to the table below: the number of Twitter accounts that media are following. Some of the numbers are interesting.

I got curious about Twitter numbers this morning, particularly about Twitter numbers for media in Vancouver.

I’m not sure how to characterize what I found: most have followers numbered in the thousands, but not one has enough to fill the local hockey rink. Twitter, for all its power to engage, seems a small part of the social media ecosphere.

The Vancouver Sun (all links go to Twitter pages) has the most followers (7,286) of all of the media companies I looked at. The city’s other paid daily, The Province, is sixth on my list, with 2,740 followers. Interestingly, that’s fewer than either Vancouver Sun managing editor Kirk LaPointe (2,817) and digital life writer Gillian Shaw (3,315).

This list is by no means complete; it’s meant more as a snapshot of some of the local media. As well as print, it includes a couple of local magazines and some web-only entrants in the keeping-you-informed field.

Publication Followers Following
Vancouver Sun 7,286 13
Georgia Straight 5,893 5,593
BC Business 4,798 928
24Hours 4,316 4,214
Vancouver Province 2,740 516
VanCityBuzz 2,401 2,628
Now Public 1,517 318
News 1130 (radio) 548 85

(Note: the numbers were current as of about 9:15 this morning; by 9:35, the Vancouver Sun number had actually dropped by two, and BC Business was up two. Twitter numbers are somewhat fluid: I could spend the rest of the day keeping them updated.)

I’m not drawing many conclusions from these numbers: this was only, at this point, an hmmm-I-wonder itch that needed to be scratched.

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