If you’ve come to the site — and not just read this in your favourite RSS reader — you’ve noticed the changes.

As part of the desire/need to reinvigorate my blogging, I’ve re-themed the site (using Valdimir Prelovac’s Amazing Grace). That’s meant some backend work and changes.

Amazing Grace uses categories for the lower of the two top index tabs. Given that I haven’t used categories for my posts since 2006, I’m in the middle of adding new categories that will serve, in effect, as separate sections of the blog. I’ve created one, so far, for photographs, as part of my plan to feature some of my photos more often. As I think of others, I’ll be adding them. The General category above contains just about everything at the site, going back to the early ’00s.

(The best way to find specific content at the site remains either search or the tag cloud.)

One other big change may by in the works: I’m investigating replacing Squibs postings with the Publish2 sidebar widget. I’ll let you know how that works out.

All of this effort will, I hope, lead to much more frequent blogging.

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