After too many days of feeling uninspired (and even a little lazy), I tweeted this this morning:

I need a kick in the brainpan: somebody tweet me a word, I’ll go out & try to photograph it; share the results later. Deal?

In response, I got 11 very fine words: infamy, gullible, precipice, spent, duality, guttersnipe, pink, fast, insouciance, reluctant and genius. And, I only had to look up two of them.

That gives me 11 days worth of challenge and inspiration, which started today with the word “precipice,” from @lmighton @matthew_ryan. (Once I had the 11 words, I put them in random order.) I’ll have the resulting image up at Flickr in a bit. The photo is now up at Flickr.

The good news is I got everything I wanted out of the day: some inspiration, a challenge, a nice long walk and a chance to be creative. I even, during several coffee breaks, managed to get some writing done.

So thanks to all who helped give me that kick in the brainpan. And, if you want to play along with this at home, tomorrow’s word is “pink,” from @AdoramaPix.

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