For your reading pleasure:

  • Columbia J-School walks backward onto the Web. Columbia is getting hammered over some ill-considered statements about teaching journalism. Scott Rosenberg’s piece on the dust-up is one of the best.
  • The dead and the dying. I already tweeted a link to Robert Picard’s reality check on newspapers but it bears repeating.
  • 4 years of J-school to deliver the paper. Duncan Kinney’s graduates j-school and gets a paper route. He also has some plans to make his own splash in journalism, it seems.
  • Where is Our Orchestra? What Journalism Can Learn From the Mind-Blowing Remixes of Kutiman. Daniel Sinker made my head hurt with this post, which I’m going to be thinking about for a long time. This really deserves to be widely read.
  • 20 Best Websites To Download Free E-Books, Part II. Because people do not live by journalism alone.