I have given up the idea of ever being able to pass along all the interesting/important stuff I find on the web. Nevertheless, here are a few more links you might like to follow.

  • Canwest Suit May Test Limits of Free Speech. I keep hoping that CanWest will abandon what, to me, seems to be a nasty and vindictive lawsuit against publishers of a parody newspaper. Not to be, it appears.
  • Motown madness: Home delivery cut. Detroit newspapers can’t possibly be seriously considering cutting back home delivery to only a few issues a week can they? Alan Mutter has some thoughts on why this is a really bad idea. Related news biz news: We’re Different Than Tribune, MediaNews Says After Moody’s Downgrade.
  • Where to find the best in Flash journalism. A great gathering of links not just to great Flash journalism, but to tutorials for mastering the beast.
  • 2 on 5. I found this through a tweet from Travis mdash; @polarscribe mdash; and he was right: this is an exceptional piece of writing. (It would be even better if you didn’t have to click “next page” after every couple of grafs.)
  • Tableizer. A great online tool from Danny Sanchez that converts spreadsheets to online HTML tables. Life gets easier and easier.
  • Trust and the news business. David Akin on a report on who people trust. Newspapers rank highest of all news media (although only at 46 per cent). Corporate and personal blogs didn’t do too well. You can either trust me on that, or follow the link.
  • It’s Crazy: You’ll Pay $500 for a Newspaper, But Zero for News. Len Witt wants to switch that around, but his idea means doing away with the paper part.
  • The Digital Journalist. The December issue is up, with some Peter Turnley photography an the usual raft of interesting and thought-provoking columnists.