UPDATE: Dave, in the comments, says RSS is coming in a few days.

A couple of further notes on the redone Vancouver Sun website:

1. The handful of readers who have so far commented are pretty much split. Some like it, others don’t. That’s pretty typical for any redesign, either of a newspaper or its website.

2. Inexplicably, there are no RSS feeds. The old feeds are broken and I can’t find anything at the site that points to the new feeds. There is a listing for sitemap / RSS in the bottom-of-the-page index list, but there’s nothing about RSS at the end of that link. (I’m not the only one who has noticed this: it’s been pointed out by several of the people I follow on Twitter. So far no reaction from any of the Sun staffers.)

I suspect the latter isn’t a big deal for most of those who use the Sun’s website. But for those of us who rely on RSS as our primary news delivery system, the lack of feeds basically takes the Sun out of the equation.

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