The leaves needed raking, and I wanted to test to video capabilities of my new Canon G10 so:

Note: This is an FLV, encoded by The original video is at Blip, where you have the option of looking at the original MOV file. (The G10 saves video as 640×480 H.264 MOV files.) To see the original file (it’s big; be patient), go to the video page and select “Source” from the “Play episode as:” drop-down menu. Looking at the video now, I see I should have deinterlaced it.

I shot the video at both ends of the zoom range (you can’t zoom while you’re shooting), and also about halfway through the range. The camera was on a tripod throughout. I shot four clips, opened them all in QuickTime Pro, and then copied and pasted selections to put together the short video.

I originally tried exporting the video from QuickTime as an FLV, but the pixellation was horrible. Instead, I saved the file as a self-contained movie and uploaded that to Blip.

Observations: Good quality video; a nice, sharp lens; it’s great to shoot video at the equivalent of 28mm; the camera handles exposure well and motion not too badly; and my lawn needs to be reseeded.

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