I took a walk with my new Canon G10 this morning and came back with images from Vancouver’s Mountainview cemetery. The purpose was to both test and get used to the camera. Everything was shot on programmed automatic, at the largest, finest JPEG setting.

The shot above was opened in Photoshop, resized and saved as a JPEG at the high setting. The shot below (sorry if it takes a while to load) is a 450 pixel wide crop from the full-sized image, saved as a JPEG at Photoshop’s maximum setting. I didn’t do anything else to the images in Photoshop: no tonal adjustments, no sharpening, etc.

Seeing as almost all of my photos are published on the web, this camera is probably overkill. But, man, am I impressed with its out-of-the-box performance.

(I may get a chance to upload more of the photos to my Flickr page later today. I don’t think I’ll go with the full 14MB images, though.)



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