My birthday is coming up, so what better time to buy myself a present? Something like a shiny new Canon G10. The shots above and below are from the first test “roll” (sorry: what should we be calling it now?). The one of the hallway outside my college office was shot at 1/20 of a second at 80 ISO; the back deck garden of our house at 1/5 of a second at 400 ISO (illumination is from outdoor floodlights). Both were shot RAW, with the lens zoomed all the way out, the equivalent of a 28mm on a 35mm camera.

There is a little camera shake in the outdoor image, which was taken handheld. At full size, there’s noticeable, but acceptable, grain. The indoor shot, on the other hand, is sharp and smooth enough to read the text on the far wall when the 14MB image is viewed at full size.

What I’ve learned so far: the G10 feels great in the hand, has a very nice wide-to-midrange zoom and takes great pictures (in terms of quality; content is the fault of the photographer). But Canon (or Adobe or someone) needs to build a serious RAW converter for the files. The software that came with the camera is pretty rudimentary. Once I’d tweaked the shots with Canon’s RAW converter, I took the resulting TIFFs into Photoshop and found I had to boost the saturation just a tad and add a bit more sharpness.

If the weather holds, I’ll do a photo safari tomorrow, probably shooting high-quality JPEGs. I want to feel comfortable with the camera when we hit the Baka Beyond concert Sunday night.


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