Some really early blogging to start the day, subdivided by topic, so you can pick and choose.

New-to-me websites worth looking at/subscribing to:

  • Teaching Journalism Today. Associate professor Mary McGuire from the School of Journalism at Carleton University has launched a blog that will “share my observations and pass on tips and advice to my students, past and present, about the practice of journalism in Canada today, especially mutimedia journalism.” Welcome, Mary. Via NewsLab.
  • Shoot the Player. An Australian site, apparently modeled on a French site, featuring short films about Aussie musicians. There’s a great model here for local music coverage, which I would jump all over if I had the time.
  • Journalists Toolkit. Minimalist-looking web site with lots of links to resources for multimedia storytelling. Invaluable.

The business

Journalists and journalism

(I have a bunch more browser windows open, with post and articles waiting to be read. There may be more later today.)