A few items for your reading/viewing pleasure.

  • The yin and yang of newspaper unions. Alan Mutter touched off a squabble with his last post about why bankruptcy may be a good thing for some newspaper chains. He’s back with a further exploration of one of the issues he raised. No comments yet, but I suspect they’re coming.
  • Does ‘Web First’ Strategy Make Sense for Small Newspapers? This is from a couple of weeks back, but an e-mail from Simon Owens got me to read it again. It’s a nice look at the print vs. web thing for community-based newspapers.
  • WordPress Developer’s Toolbox. Man, there’s a ton of resources for everything WP here. A must-bookmark for anyone using WordPress.
  • BASIC Principles of Online Journalism: C is for Community & Conversation (pt1: Community). I have been remiss in not pointing to Paul Bradshaw’s latest essay in his Basic Principles series. This piece, and the rest of them, are required reading.
  • rh89. Ren Hui Yoong is a young Singaporean, currently studying at the University of Toronto, who is also a very fine photographer. Go take a look at her Flickr photostream. Note: I’ve been IMing with her for the past year or so, about photojournalism, education and such matters.