These have caught my attention so far today.

  • The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn. An approachable and interesting Scientific American piece (with great comments, too) that looks at research into storytelling. Among other things, it introduced me to the idea of literary Darwinism.
  • YouTube Not Getting Into Live Streaming, After All. It’s the expense of it all. Google, apparently, is content to sit back and wait to see if advertising support develops for live streaming.
  • NBC sees new media habits form with Olympic games. If you parse the numbers, you get a clearer picture of the relatively slow — but still impressive — uptake of “new” media.
  • My blog for the iPhone age. New plugin for WordPress serves up a mobile version of the website automatically to iPhone users. Gotta get me one of those.
  • The great disconnect. Will Bunch: “In many newsrooms – but especially in the larger metro newspapers that are suffering the biggest drops in circulation and ad revenue – there is a gaping divide between overworked, career-conscious reporters and the communities they cover.” Read the whole post and then go read the original article.
  • Playing on TV’s Turf. Deborah Potter with a nicely balanced look at what newspapers are doing with video and what it means for local TV.
  • Viral Video Film School. A brilliant, funny video on how financial media’s video journalism fails to inform those not already in the know. The last 30 seconds or so are priceless. (I am now hooked on VVFS’s three-minute creative rants.)
  • If one candidate misled us way more would the press say so? Several interesting things about Jay Rosen’s latest, besides the value of thing itself. His piece appears at open salon, a new site that combines elements of Digg, social-network sites and other Web 2.0-ey things, as well as a tip jar. And the piece itself was developed through Jay’s questions and musings, and the responses to them, yesterday afternoon on Twitter. (Following Jay on Twitter is a good way for the non-tweeting to see some of the potential for the service.) Related: Mathew Ingram on open salon.
  • The outsider solution: chuck away your business..wrong, wrong, wrong. Simon Waldman has come fully back to the media blogging world with a new site (Digital Disruption) and his usual trenchant commentary.