Oh, how the info rolls in. Note: Pointers to all of these came via tweets or Facebook. I haven’t even hit the feedreader yet today. The times they keep achangin’.

  • Even As Local Online Ad Spend Surges, Newspapers Can’t Win. David Kaplan counts the ways that newspapers are up against it in the local online market, ranging from the fact ad reps stand to make less to the number of (sometimes savvier) competitors.
  • Canada by car. Daniel Pi, a former student and a talented nature photographer, took six months off work and travelled by car across Canada. He has now produced two separate slideshows (one of them self-portraits) that are most enjoyable.
  • How the UK Tabloids use video: The Mirror. Andy Dickinson, having analyzed the British broadsheets, has turned his attention to video on the tav sites.
  • New investigative blog PaperTrail launches. A new blog from the Centre for Public Integrity touted as “the hard-hitting, investigative blog that Washington is missing.” It’s an interesting, short-hit publication. The question rises: how do you get something like this in front of the masses in a time of mass-less media?
  • Five Steps to Foster Innovation in the Newsroom. The first few commenters on this Chris O’Brien piece at the Idea Lab are really not that impressed. Has “innovation in the newsroom” become the “give them news they can use” of the 2000s?
  • Ten ways journalism has changed in the last ten years (Blogger’s Cut). Paul Bradshaw boils down a 1,200-word essay to the essentials in a nice round-up of what journalism has become/is becoming.