Let me clear out some browser windows before I hit the newsreader for today’s round of excitement.

  • Small cameras can tell big stories. A nice, short video from Robb Montgomery on the role of small cameras for newspaper video storytellng.
  • Journalism Movies Worth Your Time to Watch. An interesting list, with a lot of familiar titles. Missing from the 25 are two of my favourites from the 1980s: Salvador, with an astonishing performance by James Woods, and Under Fire with Nick Nolte, Joanna Cassidy and Gene Hackman.
  • 15 Journalists’ outstanding personal sites. Another list, notable for the presence of journalists from such places as Malaysia. All are worth checking out.
  • Betting on David Black. A Seattle Weekly look at Canadian publisher David Black and his success with small-town and suburban newspapers in Washington State and beyond, with his formula of centralized departments, small editorial staffs, local coverage and free distribution. If you’ve read any previous articles on Black you won’t find anything new here; if you haven’t, it’s a good piece.
  • The survival of journalism: 10 simple facts. Mindy McAdams lays out 10 facts and about newspapers and suggests we leap over them and get on with the job of trying to figure out where to from here. Lots of comments, too.
  • Good News: Lots of people still like print; Bad: Online not getting the job done. There has been quite a bit of response to the readership survey that showed newspapers generally holding (mainly older) readers while failing to draw eyeballs to their web sites. Howard Owens’s post is probably among the best of the bunch.