A thing or two:

  • Blogger arrests hit record high. Includes this: “In 2007 three times as many people were arrested for blogging about political issues than in 2006…” Topping the list of bad guys are China, Iran and Egypt.
  • Goodbye. Robert Niles’s last post at OJR, with plenty of thanks from readers in the comments.
  • Swedish frees lose readers. Hmmm. Acting just like paid newspapers, it seems.
  • Hard Times For Newspapers Gets Harder, As Q1 Online Ad Growth Stalls At 7.2 Percent Gains. Anyone who expected online ad sales to continually increase at 20-30 per cent a year was fooling themselves. The gains get smaller as the pot gets bigger. On the print side, national ad spending is down almost 10 per cent and classifieds off by a full quarter.
  • interview: charlie beckett on supermedia – english version. A lengthy, good interview with the author of the soon-to-be published SuperMedia: Saving Jounralism so it can Save the World. Note: Alexandre Gamela is the hardest working media blogger out there. Not only does he post often, he’s doing it in two languages.
  • Canadians losing faith in news media. Another day, another study, this one reaching the rather unsurprising conclusion that “Only half of Canadians believe news organizations get their facts straight and just a third think news is fair and balanced…”
  • If you think online news is difficult… Ryan Sholin and his commenters are having way too much fun with this post.
  • Multimedia Immersion. Seth Gitner pretty much assured that I’ll be spending a good portion of the day watching online video with this strikingly good web site from the recent four-day Multimedia Immersion seminar. You can treat it as entertainment/information or your own mini-seminar of video storytelling.