A few things before I head out into the sunshine (yes, we occasionally get sunshine in Vancouver) for car-free day events.

  • Lazy Bastards. Lots has been written about writing for online readers, but not much has been as much fun as this Slate piece.
  • U.S. newspaper advertising woes continue. Kirk LaPointe is one of the many folks pointing to the latest Newspaper Association of America report that shows advertising spending fell a whopping 14 per cent in the first quarter.
  • 9 Things I Love About the Las Vegas Sun Website. More web love for the very-well-done Las Vegas Sun website.
  • About Map of the Week. A standalone weekly map-as-a-feature-story from the Toronto Star, with an RSS feed. Given the ease of using the Google API, this is an idea that may spread. Via Martin Stabe.
  • CanWest woes grow Down Under. Canada’s media empire gets bit by a decision to hang onto an Aussie TV company.
  • Special Citation. The NPPA honours Melissa Lyttle for the work she does with A Photo A Day. Well-deserved.
  • Study looks at how online Canadians get news. I’ll have more to say on this later, but here’s the link to a PDF (of what appears to by a slide presentation) on how Canadians are using the internet to inform themselves. A lot of it appears to confirm what newspapers are up against: most popular among older readers, losing ground to the net, etc. Methodology of the survey is not well-explained, so some caution is required.
  • William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla. Not journalism-related, but a nice interview and interesting comments, particularly about Vancouver.