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The headline and deck in the Vancouver Sun RSS feed caught my attention: Police warn women walking alone and Three separate sexual offences have occurred near Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.

Queen Elizabeth Park is not far from where I live, so I’m interested.

The article tells me everything I need to know except exactly where the sexual assaults took place. Take a look at the Google map above and you’ll see why writing that the assaults took place “near Queen Elizabeth Park” is less than useful. The park covers 130 acres and, according to Google maps measuring tool, the streets on the outside perimeter of the park cover stretch almost two miles. As for “near Queen Elizabeth Park,” there’s nothing to indicate if the attacks all took place in the same area (and which area was that?) or if they were scattered.

Interestingly enough, the Vancouver Sun report includes all the information from the Vancouver Police Department press release, except this: “These incidents happened in the area east of Queen Elizabeth Park….”

, so it’s not like the reporter didn’t have the information.

Sorry, but a story like this, without the relevant detail, just isn’t acceptable.



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