A few more things.

  • #99 Grammar. The latest post at Stuff White People Like is a hoot because it’s oh-so-true.
  • Journalism: what is it now and where next? At the blog Mediating Conflict, a collection of definitions of journalism as she is today. A handy list, coming out in advance of the Future of the News workshop.
  • Future of News. Speaking of the workshop, Kevin Anderson has been doing a great job of covering speakers. Check out his reports on Paul Starr, Dan Gillmor and the Economics of News panel to have your thoughts prodded and provoked.
  • The newspaper disease. Newspaper design guru Roger Black (and what a lovely site he has) has a lengthy piece on newspaper folks’ perceptions of the newspaper and the problems they create. Includes: “Newspapers have about a year to get rid of all the people who can’t pull their own weight and to redeploy all the smart energetic journalists who can find the great stories and push them out to print, web and video.”
  • Blogger Tariq Baiasi sentenced to 3 years. A Syrian blogger has been jailed for leaving a comment at a website. There is a Free Tariq website.
  • You say nutgraf, I say… This is funny. The Brits apparently do have a nut graf but they call it …. Naw, I’m not going to step on the punchline.
  • Liverpool Daily Post blogs with readers for interactive edition. A day-long Cover It Live feed from the LDP, updated every minute or so by at least half-a-dozen different folk, gave readers the chance to see how the sausage was made, and to engage the journalists in conversation, add suggestions and critique decisions throughout the production cycle. They also streamed their editorial meeting and then fired it up onto YouTube. It was strangely compelling: I dropped in several times throughout the day.

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