This headline drew my eye, particularly when combined with the dateline “Surrey.”

Bear attack prompts conservation officers to issue vigilance warning.

Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver. While bears are not that uncommon in the suburbs, attacks by bears are exceedingly rare. I can’t remember one, in fact.

It wasn’t until I got to the end of the fifth graf that I started to realize there was no apparent connection between the bear attack and the suburbs of Vancouver. And at the start of the sixth graf, the location of the attack was finally revealed as being near Bella Coola, which is almost 300 as-the-crow-flies miles north of the suburb of Surrey.

It isn’t clear from the article why the Surrey dateline is there at all, unless that’s where the son of the man who was mauled, who is quoted in the story, lives. That’s a guess: the article doesn’t say.

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