From the Vancouver Sun today:

While one coast of Canada will be digging out from a blizzard this weekend, the other coast will be basking in a heat wave….


The worst city to be in this weekend is Saskatoon, which is forecast to see up to 50 centimetres of heavy, wet snow, strong winds and temperatures plummeting to a frosty -12 C.

Calgary will apparently also be dumped upon. And then…

Even Vancouver will not be spared Mother Nature’s wrath, as the city known for its lush greenery and cherry blossoms at this time of the year prepares for more rain and flurries.

Note: Vancouver, which is on the coast, is set to get flurries. No blizzard.

Here’s a Google map. Not sure which coast the Vancouver Sun thinks Saskatoon is on (you may have to zoom out).

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