We all know politicians have this rare inability to actually ‘fess up to bloops and blunders (as well as a built-in inability to speak the words “I am sorry”), but this, I think, tops anything I’ve ever heard. It’s from CBC.

At one point on Thursday, Conservative Senator David Angus, who is the committee’s chair, adjourned the session, but — before his microphone was turned off — made remarks that are raising some questions.

“The minister agrees. She told me she hates the law,” Angus, whose voice was still being carried on an internet audio stream of the hearing, was heard telling someone close by.

“What we want is a sort of moratorium…”

Just a few seconds of Angus’s remarks were recorded before the microphone was turned off.

Questioned afterward, the senator denied the comments.

“I did not quote the minister because I did not even talk to the minister,” he told CBC News.

“I haven’t heard myself say [the comment] and I’m certainly not acknowledging that I said it.”

That first part of that last quote had me rolling on the floor.