I’m still only part of the way through the State of the News Media report (it is a monster). There’s a lot to digest there, but this struck me as potential bad news, particularly for newspapers on the web:

Americans are going online more frequently, spending more time there and relying more on search and links rather than brand-name destinations to navigate the Web. They are also spending more time looking at content and less time e-mailing. Video is becoming more important. And while still a niche activity, mobile access is widely expected to grow, thanks to a revolution that may be led by the Apple i-Phone.

This snippet is from the Audience chapter of the Online section. I’ve added the emphasis.

Search widely broadens the number of competitors at even the local level. And my online behaviour is largely driven by either search (where I almost always stop following links as soon as I have the info I’m after) and RSS, through Bloglines and Twitter. The latter means I don’t see a lot of ads (or pay much attention to the few that I do see) and that I’m as likely to get interesting information on breaking news from a blogger/aggregator as I am from a brand-name destination. Often enough, too, those blog or Twitter posts carry all the info I want.

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