Happy St. Pat’s Day eve. Tomorrow, I plan to drink until I turn green.

  • The web gets better again. Not only is Multimedia Shooter back, Richard Koci Hernandez has created a compelling, entertaining celebratory video, How to fix a Hack. This is one talented dude.
  • Journalism Net Effect Defies Expectation. The first of what I’m sure will be a slew of posts on the 2008 State of the News Media report. I’m reserving all judgments until I’ve had the chance to read the digest the original.
  • It’s called Final Cut for a reason. Colin Mulvany continues to educate us all, this time with his list of 10 things to do before you are really finished with your video.
  • Tips on Keeping Your Print Journalism Job. I’m not sure how much of this list to take at face value, but it’s a great read and there may be some job-saving tips in there for those of you in the shrinking world of print.
  • From Assembly Line to Network at the Post. Jack Shafer likes the WaPo’s idea of cutting through the snarl of editors to get the stuff out more quickly. Includes this little bit of reality: “The reason many newspapers rely so heavily on editors—a reason rarely spoken—is that some reporters can’t write. Their copy isn’t edited as much as it’s rewritten. Bennett has a message for them: “Reporters who can’t write are a dying breed.”
  • UK newspaper sales stabilise. The headline seems optimistic but refers to this: “After a difficult 2007, ABC volumes have fallen to a stable -3.4 percent year-on-year average for the last three months.” Note the minus sign.
  • Shooting the Futurist. Lenslinger is in a good mood and buzzed about the future of one-man newsgathering. The POV is TV but newspaper videographers better watch out: some of the TV folks are getting it together and they’ll be coming to the ‘net.