I’d been planning to spend the summer learning Drupal and rebuilding our j-program’s online newspaper. We currently use Joomla, which is getting just a little too frustrating in too many little ways.

But I’m rethinking this and wondering if my time might be better spent converting the site to run on WordPress. For one thing, I know WordPress, it’s easy to use and modify, there are a tremendous number of plugins that make such tasks as adding video dead simple, etc. The other benefit is that I have a number of students who are already blogging using WordPress and they’ll be comfortable using it.

And WordPress isn’t just blogging software any more, as a couple of recent posts I’ve come across show.

One is Mindy McAdams’s WordPress as your Web authoring tool, which covers a lot of the arguments already made for WordPress and contains extensive links to WordPress-driven sites, themes, etc.

The other popped into my newreader tonight and concerns WordPress acquiring BuddyPress, a project that converted a WordPress installation into a social networking site. Mathew Ingram took some time off from his holidays to say this about that:

I find it interesting because of what it says about where WordPress is going. Not only did the company just finish raising a boatload of cash, with the New York Times as an investor … but Matt [Mullenweg, WordPress founder] has clearly gotten religion about the future of online media being social, and I think building on what Andy did with WordPress MU is his way of helping to make that happen.

That kind of thinking is one of the reasons that I’m tending toward WordPress: whatever the software is now, it’s only going to get even more capable, I suspect, in the near future.

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