Up and out early, so most of these are from yesterday. And update is possible later today, but not promised.

  • Losing my remote: Jumping from TV to newspapers. Liz Foreman has a great post at Lost Remote that encapsulates eight months of observations and lessons learned in moving from TV to newspapers. Her five-point look at the role of video producers in the newspaper newsroom is instructive.
  • Irrelevance at 11. Stewart Pittman reacts to the recent article on the fact that TV news is next on the internet disruption hit list. A great read, which includes this: “As for your above-average lenslinger, I am at once wildly excited and desperately pessimistic about the future of local TV news.”
  • Kindle, E-Readers Must Be Cheap, Flexible to Supplant Books. Mark Glaser takes an interesting look at the world and future of books. One of the things he has discovered is that, for some readers, e-books need to be better than books to make an impact. We in the newspaper biz can attest to the huge power of something that comes along (the web) that’s better than what it disrupts (the newspaper).
  • Through a Glass, Darkly… Sion Touhig examines the latest World Press Photo award winners (which I pointed to earlier) and examines the narrative being written by the winning photograph of an exhausted American soldier in Afghanistan.
  • Team Multimedia. Colin Mulvaney writes a paean to the newsroom collaboration that makes multimedia — especially video — possible.