One of the problems with “objective” journalism is that reporters report stuff like this…

Olympics safe from foreign prostitutes, Day says

…with straight faces.

The Canadian Press article, about the appearance of Canada’s Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day before a Commons committee reports exactly what he said. And that’s it. No one followed up to ask how it is, exactly, that we will be kept safe from the scourge of foreign bawdies. They let him get away with this statement…

But tight security at the Canadian border is likely to deter undesirable foreigners from pouring in for the 2010 Games, Mr. Day said Thursday.

…and left it at that. No follow-up, no word from border security folk, nothing other than the minister’s statement to the committee.

Ridiculously weak reporting, but all too standard in a journalistic environment that treats government events as newsworthy simply because they happen, and sees no need to go any further than the event itself in far too many cases.

Globe & Mail readers are having a field day in the comments, of course. Included in the more than 200 comments:

LOL. One of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a while. Makes me a wee bit embarrassed that anyone feels the need to make this news.