A few things at the end of yet another busy day.

  • Viva, Las Vegas. Lots of people like the redesigned Las Vegas Sun. Me, too, and it comes at a good time as I struggle with the question: “What should a newspaper website look like in 208?”
  • Canada restricts media ownership. A great headline for those who dislike media concentration, but the devil is in the details, in this case an analysis at The Tyee that says CRTC Ruling No Threat to Big Media.
  • Daniel Schorr is Glad He’s “Not 20 Years Younger”. Speaking of old white guys, which I did in my previous post. Interesting perspective from one of those giants.
  • HowJSay: A lifesaver for voiceovers. All of you dealing with voiceovers for audio slideshows and videos can add this to your tools bookmarks. Great advice with a great link, although better for the Brits.
  • Pulp friction. Alan Mutter with more potentially bad economic news for newspapers: cutting web sizes to save on newsprint forces paper mills to cut back production because of flagging demand, which pushes up prices, adding to the bottom line costs of newspapers this year and next.
  • My Friend Flickr: A Match Made in Photo Heaven. The Library of Congress has a pilot project to dump more than 3,000 copyright-free images onto Flickr for enjoyment, use and to take advantage of wisdom-of-the-crowd tagging.