After a good day in the classroom:

  • Update 1: Now, that’s just wrong! Richard Hernandez has this just right: a link to a nicely done video story by Bill Greene about some less-than-ethical shenanigans in journalism not that many years ago.
  • Update 2: Two more on video. Watch and learn from Angela Grant in which she points to a resource for, well, watching and learning, and the appropriately-titled Video, Video, Video from Andy Dickinson, in which is asks a very good question about what newspapers really do.
  • Update 3: The pay-per-view debate. An interesting internet kerfuffle over the idea that clicks count. Two posts, both of which I largely agree with, from Mindy McAdams and Mathew Ingram, help put things in perspective.
  • Hillary Wins in NH: A Bad Day for Pollsters, Pundits. Len Witt: “This was not a good day for mainstream media and their legions of pundits, who really don’t have a clue what the everyday people are thinking.” Of course, the media will learn from this. Right? Please?
  • Tale of Two Cities: From Daily to… News of another American daily going weekly.
  • Same as it ever was? Comparing best of photojournalism publication covers two years apart. One of the weaknesses of photojournalism is that it is as suspectible to stereotyping as the rest of journalism.
  • Ask not what videojournalism can do for you, but for your readers. David Dunkley Gyimah continues digging into videojournalism and what it means in this new age, with some nice analogies and rapid-fire thoughts on the new journalism. Recommended reading.
  • Understand media. Subtitled “Media literacy on the web,” this is a site filed with resources for coming to grips with media literacy. Very impressive and a resource I’m sure I’ll make great use of it. Via MiniMedia Guy. UPDATE: Tom Abate’s pointage to the media literacy site arose from some thoughts he expressed in an earlier post, Nokia: entertainment, media now a circle game, that I meant to point.