A little late blogging:

  • AdWords and local markets. From the Google blog: “74% of people use search engines to find information when purchasing a product or service from a local business…our AdWords Local Markets Team has partnered with companies including Yellow Pages directories, website developers and traditional media businesses to help create search-based ad products and strategies.” If your newspaper ain’t part of that, be very afraid.
  • Don’t think web advertising will overtake TV? Related to the above: Terry Heaton points to predictions that the web will claim a bigger percentage of British advertising than TV will in the near future.
  • Midday media traffic spike? Meranda wonders what newspapers can do to capture some of those noon-time browsers.
  • Journalists doing their jobs better is a competitive advantage. Howard Owens makes a lot of sense here, but I’m still tryng to reconcile his argument about better journalism with his earlier insistence that there’s no ROI on video that takes longer than an hour to shoot and edit. In his argument for quality storytelling, something doesn’t connect.
  • I’d like to see the following things this year. Zac Echola has a very achievable list of to-dos for newspapers and their websites in 2008.
  • What have you changed your mind about? Why? Smart, interesting people provide an answer to an intriguing question in the annual Edge question. It’s too bad their web site is so bad and it’s so hard to work your way through the answers.