A bunch of posts about video, aimed at all you newspaper folk who are eagerly adapting the new storytelling tool or are cursing a management decision that has added to your work load.

On the how-to front, Poynter had launched a two-parter on HD, the first of which is titled Two Pros Teach You to Shoot Video in High-Def. The pros — Richard Adkins and Manny Sotelo — are TV shooters who don’t really teach you how to shoot HD, but who have some interesting things to say about it.

(An aside: Al’s piece includes this: “Nokia says that in two years, you may be able to record HD video on a cell phone.” Yikes.)

Howard Owens also has how-to advice in The art of the interview and the short video. He includes a four-minute video clip of James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio that deals well with the art of preparing for the interview.

The most important of the posts on video, though, has been Andy Dickinson’s 2008 predictions: Newspaper video will die. He writes:

There is a lot of talk already about 2008 being the year of online video. But rather than being a year zero I think that without proper thought it could be the first and last chance video has to prove itself. So this year, editorial newspaper video (in all its forms) may die in many publications because no one will give it a chance to develop.

Based on that rather sobering opening, Andy lays out predictions about what will happen to newspapers that don’t develop “a strategy that fits their organisation and more importantly, their audience.”

Andy’s post was followed up by Mindy McAdams in Get your act together with video, or give it up, which sharpened some of the points and lays out a handful of focussed challenges for those making decisions about newspaper video. Andy continued that conversation this morning with the short, to-the-point post Refining my video predictions.

All three posts deserved to be read by those making the editorial decisions at the newspapers that are crowding the video bandwagon. There’s too much anecdotal evidence that in many cases the decision to adopt video is being made without consideration of the time it will take, the need to train photographers and reporters how to produce good video, the role of video in the flow of storytelling and how it will be presented to the readers/viewers.

UPDATE: If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a great discussion about the posts by Andy and Mindy going on over at the Yahoo Newspaper Video group.

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