Four online pieces may be of interest to those of you who have eagerly (or grudgingly) hopped onto the newspaper video train.

Optimal Frame Dimensions for Flash Video offers advice for choosing optimal sizes for videos being converted to Flash. Apparently, the best results come from video sizes that are divisible by 16. Handy charts are provided for both SD and HD video.

DIY Filmmaking: Make Your Own Equipment & Tools is basically a list of links to instruction for building low-cost equipment such as boom poles, camera stabilizers, dollies and even windscreens. Plenty there for the tinkerer.

Soundslides creator Joe Weiss rocks us again! writes Richard Koci Hernandez as he points to a new service from Joe Weiss that offers a dead-easy way to create chaptered Soundslides slide shows. Expect to see this on a lot of media sites before too many more weeks have past.

And the the final piece of the four is for inspiration: Richard Koci Hernandez’s stunning personal website, which brings together his photography and personal video projects. Richard is not just a mainstay of the multimedia journalism education-through-the-web community, he is a talented, talented image maker and storyteller. I am in awe.