From the newsreader, with some commentary:

  • Should the mainstream media “certify” citizen journalists? Sure, just as soon as journalists decide they should all be “certified,” too.
  • Is there a place for user comments in breaking news stories? Yes, comments can create problems, but newspapers that allow comments without putting in place either real-time screening or delayed-post moderation are asking for trouble.
  • How should the media report mass shootings? Yet another headline in the form of a question, this one from Shane Richmond, who follows up on the suggestion from a couple of journalists that gunmen who carry out mass shootings should not be identified. Shane has no answers to the question but suggests it’s time to update the how-much-is-too-much debate.
  • World’s first ‘newspaper’ phone launched in Sweden. Interesting development as Dagens Nyheter offers subscribers a cellphone with a one-touch button for access to the newspaper website.
  • Map thyself. Ryan Sholin points to a couple of recent newspaper map-based stories and, more importantly, to a number of resources for rolling your own embeddable maps.
  • The Perfect Photography CMS. Rannie Turnigan at photojunkie is casting about for ideas that could lead to the building (or discovery) of the perfect content management system for blogging and portfolio-building photographers. This will be a series of posts worth watching.