Four from today’s reading:

  • Guide to Portable Digital Recorders. This is one of two somewhat interesting video podcasts at retailer B&H (the other covers audio adaptors for vidcams). They’re pretty basic, but a make a nice starting point for those trying to get their head around all that new gear.
  • Are there really only six essential books on online journalism? Paul Bradshaw set out to enumerate the essential 10 books for online journalism, but could only come up with six. Lots of interesting stuff has been added to the comments since Paul wrote his post on Nov. 7.
  • Sliding stickiness unglues news sites. The good news is that visitors to newspaper web sites are up. The bad news is that they’re spending less time on those sites than they were a year ago. Alan Mutter has the numbers and a shrewd analysis of why they matter.
  • The video journalist Decree. David Dunkley Gyimah calls this his emerging manifesto, written in the face of those who insist that it is impossible for journalists to be multi-skilled, and headed with the slogan “What’s never been done, waits to be done.” I like (and believe) all of his points, particularly this one: “I represent a new discourse in story telling and journalism blurring the boundaries between technologist and artisan, the net and TV, a writer and visual blogger.” There’s plenty there to chew on and debate.