Some interesting bits and pieces from all sorts of journalistic arenas.

  • Mottled U.N. Bill Walsh has a short and, as always, pointed post for writers on making stuff up when it comes to country-to-faux-country comparisons. Advice noted.
  • Amazon e-book reader coming Monday. I haven’t seen an e-reader that I like yet, but the idea of a $400 reader with wifi link to Amazon for downloads (no word on what those would cost) is intriguing. We’re getting closer to a realistic portable device that (a) is attractive, (b) works and (c) is yet another threat to the ink-on-paper folk.
  • Another source of inspiration for journalism. A longish guest post by Bas Timmers over at Paul Bradshaw’s place on the third stream of news — and what it means for editors — is worth the time it takes to read.
  • Ventilating the Chinese wall. Alan Mutter wants to poke a few holes in the walls between the newsroom and the business side of the newspaper, an initially horrifying idea that, on reading, actually makes some sense. Short form: the business side has screwed things up, so why not involve the creative, skeptical folk who actually create the connection between newspaper and community.