TV has, generally, been later to the internet than newspapers. There are some adventurous folks out there, though, who are not only making up for lost ground, but who are posing some threat to newspapers’s audiences.

The latest example comes from Poynter’s Al Tompkins, who digs into, the website of WISC in Madison, Wisconsin, and it’s startlingly good Scanner News section, which includes an interactive map. Click on a region of Wisconsin and up comes a page of headlines from that region, from WISC and from competing stations and newspapers. Headlines are linked back to the original source: the stories open in a new browser window.

(As well as pointing to the site, Al has a brief audio interview with WISC’s managing editor.)

Yeah, I know some of the smart kids are saying that portals are dead. But Wisconsinites (Wisconsiners?) now have a one-stop site for access to all the major news gathered in their region and WISC has a good shot at becoming the first news source.

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