From a great post by Cyndy Green on the remaking of journalism and journalists:

The message of this post is: when you stop learning, you start dying. Can I make it any clearer? Now you can die happy and creatively, doing what you’ve always done – and there’s nothing wrong with that. You have choices. One of those choices may be looking at a different career. But if you truly love your craft; not just the visual part, but the news part – change is inevitable. It hurts – you face the prospect of being not so good at first. You make mistakes. Your whole self-image changes and you have to reinvent yourself.

She’s writing about the changes sweeping through visual journalism, but it applies to every aspect of the craft. The best journalists I ever worked with were always learning something, whether it was a new way to approach writing, how to more closely integrate graphic journalism and their words, or how to use this thing called the ‘net to their advantage.

In her post, Cyndy tells her own story. Despite the fact it takes place in TV stations, the narrative is familiar to a print journalist who started out committing journalism on a manual typewriter and is now struggling with a video camera.

Cyndy’s message is vital not just for the journalists, but for the craft itself.

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