A number of the tabs I have open on my browser contain websites that will help meet your journalistic educational needs.

  • Online sources. A great, lengthy list of links about web video, compiled by Tom Lassiter for a presentation he made at this weekend’s Converge South. Via Ed Cone.
  • Getting Your Videos Viral. The first in what Len Witt promises will be a series of video reports, also from Converge South.
  • From the inverted pyramid to the tumbled pyramid (João Canavilhas). Paul Bradshaw follows through on his ground-breaking ideas for rethinking journalism with some intriguing ideas from another innovator. As was the case with Paul’s work on the news diamond, this is required reading.
  • NewsU at Poynter reaches 51,000-user mark. If you’re a journalist, a journalist-to-be or a journalism instructor, and you’re not among those 51,000, shame on you for neglecting your education.